Are you struggling staying away from a drink or a drug? Has a friend or family member ever asked you to cut back? Maybe you feel annoyed when people bring up your drinking. Loss of control is the hallmark of addiction. An addict may be suffering from emotional and mental pain, keeping you trapped in a spiral. Do any of these sound familiar?


  • Taking larger amounts to get the desired effect
  • Wanting to cut down and being unable to
  • Having cravings
  • Failing at home, work or school
  • Continuing to use despite having consequences
  • Giving up activities so that you can use

You can break the cycle

Mac Connor | Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor | Salisbury NC

I will help you to:


  • Process and overcome the guilt and shame that may be leading to using
  • Find direction and support
  • Reconnect with the things you enjoyed doing before you were using
  • Gain awareness of the addictive behavior
  • Build new habits
  • Find social support

Reach out, I’ll meet you halfway

Mac Connor | Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor | Salisbury NC


Supporting individuals, couples, and groups, Connor Counseling Services is dedicated to providing exceptional mental health and substance abuse services. Currently accepting new clients in North Carolina and seeing all clients via secure telehealth.

Mac Connor

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor 14619

Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist Associate LCAS-25057

Phone: 980-330-8470


Office: 120 East Innes Street, Salisbury NC 28144

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