Are you playing whack a mole with your problems? Anxiety running you ragged?

In our work together, I will empower you to be curious and investigate the root cause of specific struggles. I aim to help you strengthen your natural healing abilities. I will also help create new and effective skills for coping with distress and the challenges you are going through. Therapy is an opportunity to unpack the bag you’ve been carrying, examine its contents and decide what you want to keep and what you want to let go.


I’ve assisted clients in establishing and maintaining recovery from drugs and alcohol. I believe that therapy happens within a safe and supportive relationship. A supportive relationship can help repair and heal.

With this in mind, I emphasize trust, respect and a meaningful connection. Many people have walked down the path of recovery. Through a variety of therapeutic techniques and a structure that works for you, you can be supported in letting go of the things that are not serving your best self.


Through a holistic, solutions-based therapeutic approach, we will help you feel more in control of where your life is headed. Whether you are struggling from one specific thing or struggling with more than one issue, your goals will guide our time together.
Mac Connor | Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor | Salisbury NC


Supporting individuals, couples, and groups, Connor Counseling Services is dedicated to providing exceptional mental health and substance abuse services. Currently accepting new clients in North Carolina and seeing all clients via secure telehealth.

Mac Connor

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor 14619

Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist Associate LCAS-25057

Phone: 980-330-8470


Office: 120 East Innes Street, Salisbury NC 28144

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