Your relationship has changed, and you miss the partnership and connection you used to share. You may feel discouraged, angry, or hopeless… and you may wonder if it’s possible to reconnect or get the spark back.

  • Do you feel like you’ve lost that loving connection and friendship with your partner?
  • Do you wonder how you got to this point and if it’s possible to repair your relationship?
  • Do you feel like most conversations turn into arguments?
  • Do you feel more like roommates than lovers?
  • Are you struggling to heal from past hurts in your relationship?
  • Are you thinking about leaving the relationship?

You’re not alone, and I can help.

Most couples wait years before getting professional help from a couples counselor. That’s a long time to feel unhappy or unfulfilled in your relationship. Research from the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists shows that 93% of couples report more effective tools for dealing with relationship problems after couples counseling.

Even the healthiest of relationships require effort to feel fulfilling and fun amidst the daily stresses of life. Talking with an unbiased couples counselor can help you work through the challenges of your relationship and improve unhelpful communication patterns.

You can reconnect.

By rebuilding trust, improving communication patterns, and resolving past and current issues, you can bring back the joy, trust, and passion to your relationship.

You don’t have to suffer

Mac Connor | Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor | Salisbury NC

I will help you to:


  • improve your communication patterns
  • explore money conflicts
  • resolve issues with children or blended families
  • improve your own strengths and coping skills
  • gain more awareness of how your thoughts and feelings impact each other
  • reduce relationship toxicity
  • explore issues of infidelity
  • discuss sexual difficulties
  • explore individual issues such as depression that might be impacting your relationship

Ready to Reconnect?

Mac Connor | Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor | Salisbury NC


Supporting individuals, couples, and groups, Connor Counseling Services is dedicated to providing exceptional mental health and substance abuse services. Currently accepting new clients in North Carolina and seeing all clients via secure telehealth.

Mac Connor

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor 14619

Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist Associate LCAS-25057

Phone: 980-330-8470


Office: PO Box 1352, Salisbury NC 28145

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